November 15, 2020: For the 2020-2021 season Snowtraxx is pleased to advise we have purchased two 2009 Bison X groomers to replace our older BR 275 groomers.  The Bison x are a series 3 groomer that emit less harmful emissions and have improved fuel economy.  With the new groomers we will be able to provide better trails and less brake downs and decrease operating costs.

We are please to advise that trail 13 between Russell and Asessippi has been rerouted and now travel along the edge of the beautiful Asessippi valley. A new 12ftx 24ft shelter is going to be the shelter is approximately 3 miles south of the Asessippi ski hill.

COVID 19 : Currently the the entire province is in a code red status as a result all club shelters are closed in accordance with provincial health regulations.  Please do not use shelters at this time unless there is an EMERGENCY